Details of the official Horizon Zero Dawn series are revealed

A few weeks ago Sony gave quite important news for fans of PlayStation, since some series of the company’s most important franchises were confirmed. One of the chosen sagas is neither more nor less than Horizon Zero Dawn, and although there was not much information about it, it seems that the drought ended now.

The journalist James Grubb pointed out that the website Guild of Canada Directors Includes a list of different members who are working on Horizon 2074 Address Jack Boem (The Boys, What We do in the Shadows) , to the second assistant Adam Bocknek (The Boys, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City) , to the art director Michele Brady ( The expansion, warehouse 13) and more.

According to the report, the series will feature two different periods of time with history both before the fall of civilization and later. This indicates that some video game tribes such as the Nora could appear by references, as it is not yet established in 2074. It must be remembered, that the game of 2017 has as a year the 3040 **.

It is worth mentioning that the series has not yet had a revelation to the public officially, so the aforementioned title could be tentative for the adaptation of Netflix. In addition, it could be that the efforts are focusing at the moment on Gran Turismo, which already has an attempt at premiere.

The Horizon Zero Dawn series still has no premiere day.

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