Ghost of Tsushima developers expressed works that are not currently being developed. How is the intention of the unusual announcement?

SUCKER PUNCH PRODUCTIONS announced on July 2, Japan time about the latest development status of the studio. That said, it’s not the information of the new work itself, but about works that are not currently being developed. The content of the studio is slightly unusual.

SUCKER PUNCH PRODUCTIONS (hereinafter referred to as SUCKER PUNCH) is a Game developer based in the United States, a subsidiary of PlayStudios. In the past, the studio has gained popularity with the Phantom Thief Sly Cooper and the Infamous series for the PlayStation Console. In 2020, Ghost of Tsushima was released. The work was a highly highly reputation, and as of January this year, it sold 8 million copies. SUCKER PUNCH is one of the studios that attracts more gloriousness and attracts attention from a wide range of users.

What SUCKER PUNCH told users this time is information on works that are not currently being developed. In the announcement, the studio commented that it is currently focusing on a specific project. However, he has stated that none of the new works, Phantom Thief Sly Cooper and Infamous series, are not currently under development. It is said that both IPs have not been developed in other studios. While the announcement of new information under development is common, there are not many developments of developers that reveal not to be made.

What is worrisome is why SUCKER PUNCH made such an announcement. One of the reasons for guessing is that fans will consider it. The Phantom Thief Sly Cooper and INFAMOUS series have many fans, and many still want sequel development. Rumors often spread that the studio is under development of new works in these series. SUCKER PUNCH’s statement may be considered to be a consideration for users to be tossed by such rumors.

In addition, there is a possibility that some users will deal with unwilling behavior. The reason for this guess is the uproar related to the new God of War series, which has recently occurred, mainly in the English-speaking community. Currently, Santa Monica Studio is developing a new series, God of War Lagunarok. It is scheduled to be released in 2022. However, rumors are flooding because of the popular work. Last month, many reports and speculation such as postponed to 2023, coming out in November, and new information will be released soon has been heard.

The complexity of rumors about God of War Lagunarok has raised concerns about development and questions about the development status. In response to such a situation, Santa Monica Studio Creative Director Cory Barlog issued an unusual statement. He was calling on the fans, I want you to calm down and wait. However, some malicious users have directly questioned the developers and staff, or even harassing them. Barlog posted a furious tweet, as the photo of the male organ was sent to the female staff. I don’t want to say this, but don’t send photos of genitals to the development team and stakeholders, he said, and scolded malicious users with respect. Also, on July 2, Santa Monica Studio official Twitter account posted a statement. Both developers and users act with respect to each other, calling for malicious acts.

It is possible that SUCKER PUNCH has decided to publish a work that has not been developed to prevent the user’s disturbance in response to these turmoil. By the way, the SUCKER PUNCH official Twitter account also shares tweets by Santa Monica Studio above.


In this announcement, SUCKER PUNCH wants to continue to support the Infamous 2 user generation content for as long as possible, and to improve the acquisition of Call Heritage in INFAMOUS SECOND SON. I also tell. It has also been suggested that it may be working on new developments in the Phantom Thief Sly Cooper and the Infamous series. It means that it has not been developed at the moment. In any case, it would be best to wait for the official announcement of the studio to know the trends of each development studio and new work.

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