Healing Game Original Abyssium, I met Bubble Bob as a 6th anniversary healing partner.

The mobile game ‘Abyssium’, developed by Wemade IF (CEO Kim Young-sun) and serviced by Wemade Connect (CEO Lee Ho-dae), announced on the 5th that it will hold a large IP collaboration and commemorative event for the 6th anniversary of the service.

‘Abyssium’, which is called the aid of healing mobile games, celebrates its sixth anniversary and will hold a commemorative event and theme update. The theme update, which captures the dinosaur era with the subtitle of Abyss Park, will show 36 kinds of creative aquarium creatures with the concept of Jurassic dinosaurs such as land dinosaurs, fish dragons and pterosaurs.


Collaboration is also in progress. The healing partner, which is collaborated with the 6th anniversary of Abyssium, is a bubble bubble (Taito Corporation) of Japan, which has been loved for more than 30 years in Korea. Publisher Wemade Connect, which conducts this commemorative collaboration throughout the global world, plans to introduce four popular characters of ‘Bubble Bobble’ in July in July.

Through this collaboration, the main characters ‘Bubble Run’, ‘Bobble Run’, and ‘Zen-chan’ and ‘Drunk’ will appear. ‘Bubble Run’ and ‘Bobble Run’ are set to come to Abyss Park to meet dinosaurs that are similar to themselves. You can also see the characters trapped in a drop of reproducing the original. The company explains that these characters, which can only be met during the event, will add to the fun and personality of the aquarium that users decorate.

Wemade Connect Lee Ho-dae, CEO of Ho-Dae Lee, said, Abyssium has been writing a record of healing and emotion through mobile games with global game fans for the past six years. We will thank our users for gratitude and healing.

Meanwhile, Wemade Connect welcomes users by opening various events and contents for the 6th anniversary of ‘Abyssium’. From July 5th to August 2, a ‘birthday cake’ event, which collects hot air balloons and specializes, will be held. In addition, the birthday party aquarium contents, where new missions can be experienced by experiencing various contents, will be opened until September 2.

‘Abyssium’, which delivered the news of the 6th anniversary event throughout the global launch, is one of the representative works of Wemade Connect, which was released in 2016 and recorded nearly 60 million downloads. The game, which is played around the world with various modifiers such as healing, SNG, and clicker, is a casual healing game that collects, fosters, and decorates various animals and plants in the aquarium of users who have moved the deep sea.

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