New boss in Guild Wars 2 makes gamers anguish for days: Ultimately something for hardcore

Guild Wars 2 is recognized for orienting on your own to informal players as well as concentrating on the additional advancement of the game globe as well as the tale. The first Raids came into play in 2015, but these circumstances have actually been dispensed with considering that 2019. Rather, the so-called assault missions were established. And the most recent hard fashion actually has everything.

** What kind of attack mission is this?

To defeat this one boss, even the best guild required nearly 5 days. That is why the hardcore gamers are much more than completely satisfied.

With the brand-new End of Dragons growth, 4 assault goals came into play, which should obtain additional challenge settings after the release. The programmers promised that the enhanced degree of trouble need to be equivalent to raids.

guild reveals over 31 hrs of fails on in charge, cleaned also at 1 %

Exactly how did the development in Guild Wars 2 go?

  • The brand-new obstacle setting for the harvest temple was launched on Tuesday, June 28th at 6:00 p.m. German.
  • It was just on Sunday, July 3rd at 5:18 p.m., in charge was beat for the very first time. The popular RAID guild Snow Crows, which additionally develops course overviews and also DPS benchmarks, won the Globe. Prior to that, they even fell short in 1 % recurring life (by means of Reddit).
  • The snow crows revealed around 31 hours of their battles against in charge Soo-won reside on Twitch. Mightyteapot as well as Mela, that won the 2nd kill a couple of hrs later, even showed over 60 hours a couple of hrs later on, in which they seriously desperately boss fight.

How the Globe First went, you can see in this clip:

How does the overall employer arrive? really well. In regular mode, numerous guilds have currently dominated the harvest temple, which is likewise an adjusted version of the big globe boss battle from the last location. The majority of gamers have currently defeated the dragon Soo-Won themselves.

In challenge setting, nonetheless, the struggle is so difficult that he himself supplies lots of experiences of experiencing Raider with a tough exam. Precisely this combination then suches as nearly every player:

  • The Reddit user Alakazarm creates: What kind of entertaining days. This contributes a great deal to the fact that the video game really feels like the terrific MMO that it is.
  • Subversiontwo is additionally enthusiastic: Not just congratulations on Snow Crows, yet additionally to the designers that have actually lastly begun to take the ideal instructions. This type of content, the defend the World Firmsts, has actually constantly been the capacity that the assault goals had.

At the end of his string, he ends that hard fashion in GW2 as well as the Ultimate Raid in FFXIV can do both points far better than the other, but both most importantly a win for hardcore gamers.

The German streamer Roca, for instance, changed to Last Fantasy XIV a few years back due to the fact that he lacked the obstacle in Guild Wars 2. However, he viewed the development to the harvest temple as well as even approximately contrasted it to the ultimates from FFXIV. The players remained on the current Raid for six days.

Guild Wars 2 obtains the hardest content until now as well as at the exact same time brings easy modes for raids

Which course does Guild Wars 2 do when it concerns hardcore content? A really interesting 1. Because the new tough fashion is the hardest web content in the video game. For comparison:

At the exact same time, however, it was decided to streamline the entry right into the old raids. A very easy style has actually been required considering that 2015 to present players who are not so experienced to bring employers and slaughterhouse. This was likewise released on June 28th.

  • The last RAID Mythenwitwagnis was already completed on the very first evening.
  • The toughest material until now, the difficulty mode of the Raid Halle of the chains, additionally lasted virtually 5 days (through Guildnews).

The spot for that reason brought both a much easier entrance right into the old raids as well as a really heavy content for hardcore gamers. This is precisely how it can take place from the perspective of numerous followers.

What takes place next in Guild Wars 2? For 2022, the programmers have actually prepared a few points. New tale content is to find on to proceed the story of End of Dragons. On top of that, there are still three episodes of the old living globe season 1, which will certainly be launched this year as well as will certainly revive material from 2013.


Guild Wars 2 is known for orienting on your own to laid-back players and also concentrating on the more advancement of the game world and also the story. Just how does the overall boss get here? Which path does Guild Wars 2 do when it comes to hardcore web content? What happens following in Guild Wars 2? ** For 2022, the programmers have actually intended a few things.

Furthermore, Guild Wars 2 is to show up on Steam this year as well as therefore draw in new players.
A fourth growth is additionally intended for the long-lasting future:
Guild Wars 2 programs Roadmap on the future of the MMORPG-terminates 4. Growth and vapor launch

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