Including game coupons, the first anniversary limited edition goods came out.

On the 6th, Netmarble launched its first anniversary of the second country service to its official character store Netmarble Store.

The goods are ▲ Hunya doll with a crown ▲ Funa face Mochi doll ▲ Pong Pong Doll ▲ Funjaya Mouse Pad ▲ Ilryongi & Samryong’s Handstrap Set ▲ Funa Handstrap Set It is introduced.

Among them, the crowned funna doll will be pre-sale and will be shipped sequentially from the 15th. In addition, the coloring book will be sold in mid-July, and can be purchased at nationwide bookstores such as Kyobo Bookstore and YES24.


Each product includes a second country game coupon such as ▲ costume summon coupon ▲ sweet drink ▲ equipment summon coupon ▲ collecting aroma ▲ energy drink ▲ Imazen summon coupon.

The second country limited edition goods can be purchased at the Netmarble Store offline store and online mall located in the 3rd floor of Netmarble headquarters.

The second country is a reinterpretation of Ninokuni, which is a collaboration between Level Five and Studio Ghibli, as a mobile RPG.

Yoon Hye-young, director of Netmarble IP Business Office, said, Thanks to the second country goods that were debuted in February, we have been launching a new lineup this time. I will try to showcase it.

In addition to this product, Netmarble’s representative characters are composed of Netmarble’s representative characters ㅋㅋ (Kek), Tori, Bob, and Leon, Merge Kungya Island, Marvel’s Marvel, Seven Knights, BTS World, Stone Age World, etc..

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