Cycle: Location of Frontier data discs

In the world of The Cycle: Frontier there are many resources, each of which serves its useful purpose. Like many items, the data with data in The Cycle: Frontier are an important resource that must be collected and used in various quests. Moreover, they can also become one of the main ways to earn Krypto Marks.

Finding them can be a little difficult, but do not worry anymore! In this leadership of Cycle: Frontier we will talk about places where you can find data discs, and about how you can update them. So, without unnecessary words, let’s get down.

Cycle: Location of Frontier data discs

Data discs-one of many items that you will need to choose; However, you cannot use them in a found state. Instead, you will need to update them, otherwise they will be useless.

After long searches on the surface of the planet, we found two main methods with which players can get discs with data. The first way to get to Data Drives is to just go to the ICA FACTION Store store and buy them.

And the second way to get Data Drives is to study cards and open each portfolio, cabinet and safe to find them inside. Regardless of how you decide to purchase them, you need to update them.

To do this, players must get to the towers of the ascending communication line. They are easy to find on a map of bright sands. Just insert data discs into the console to increase their level.

The first Uplink Tower can be located in the center and a little north of the map. Meanwhile, the second Uplink Toward can be found in the southeastern part of the card. You can also carry out this procedure in the communication tower located northwest of the map of bright sands.

The update process depends on the rarity of Data Drive you acquired. Thus, UNCOMMON DATA Drive will require 30 seconds to convert into Common Data Drive. After improving it, you can sell for one representative of the faction and 1013 thousand.

From an unusual to a rare data disk, this will take 60 seconds and can be sold for three representatives of the faction and 2531 thousand.

From Epic to Legendary Data Drive it will take 120 seconds and can be sold for ten representatives of the faction and 10,252 thousand.

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