Winnie The Poohs fear movie presents its official poster and warns: it is not a sleeping story

A few weeks ago we presented Winnie The Pooh: Blood & Honey (Blood and Honey), the character’s first fear movie now that hStop become public domain and Disney cannot put a hand in what is done and Stop doing with him. Well, today we bring you the first poster and official slogan of him: This is not a story to go to sleep .

Stop Christopher Robin hStop gone to university, Pooh and Piglet have run out of food and the poor have had to look for life. Their animal instinct and their most primitive needs have resurfaced and now the two hunt dams to feed, which it is clear that they could not be other than human lights of clothing, unprotected families and unbearable adolescents .

Because the most beloved bear in the hundred acres also hStop a wild and bloodthirsty side. The same with his timid friend of him, Piglet, who far from being an achuchable pig will become the tape into a corpulent wild boar that seems taken from Hotline Miami and hStop two horns Stop arms.

And if such emblematic characters like Tiger or Igor appear, it is only because they appeared later in the original work and therefore they are not yet public domain. The only creations of Alan Alexander Milne that will be corrupted are Pooh and Piglet, of 1926.

The film wStop filmed in just ten days in the United Kingdom and will finally premiere in early 2023 . It is written and directs by Rhys Frake-Waterfield, who will not sound of anything because precisely Winnie The Pooh: Blood & Honey is his first movie. On his side he will have an cStopt accustomed to series B, such Stop Craig David Dowsett in the role of Winnie or Chris Cordell doing piglet.

In addition to the poster, the tape hStop shared the silicone mStopk of the protagonist , created with a disturbingly empty, hollow expression. What happened to you, Pooh?

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