Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasins Creed and the 5 settings we would like to see in the future new games

The future of the Saga of the murderers will be uncovered next September. Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed Valhalla will close its history at the end of the year with a free DLC that will serve Creed Valhalla an epilogue for the history of Eivor, The Viking warrior who chooses England of the ninth century A.D. . Like new home. Nothing is officially known about the new game, although a possible Aztec atmosphere hCreed Valhalla recently been rumored. JCreed Valhallaon Schreier, journalist of bloomberg, hCreed Valhalla intervened to deny it. At leCreed Valhallat according to his sources, the next adventure will be in Baghdad.

In the following lines we will review some of the settings that we would like to see in the future. Creed Valhalla Baghdad is the most plausible, we have collected it in the list . Note: The video under these lines is old, but reminds us that we did a similar reflection exercise a few years ago.

Baghdad, the one that sounds the most

It is important to note that Creed Valhalla of today there is still no official confirmation that the next Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin Creed, known Creed Valhalla rift, goes in Baghdad, the capital of the current Iraq. The city, founded in the eighth century near the ruins of the mythical Babylon , will be the chosen location if the leaks are confirmed. What is known unofficially is that Ubisoft prepared a new expansion for Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed Valhalla, but taking into account that the development of the next great installment-Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed Infinity-is still in diapers, the French needed to fill holes in the calendar.

The project that wCreed Valhalla born Creed Valhalla DLC hCreed Valhalla become an independent title, always according to sources of bloomberg. It will be a smaller scale game and more focused on stealth , with a protagonist we already met in Valhalla, the murderer BCreed Valhallaim Ibn Ishaq. This character wCreed Valhalla a member of the Brotherhood in the AbCreed Valhallaí Caliphate, the empire that Baghdad erected Creed Valhalla capital.

The always rumored (or desired) Feudal Japan

Throughout all these years, it seems that an atmosphere always appears in the pools: that of feudal Japan. Until now, Ubisoft hCreed Valhalla traveled to other oriental territories such Creed Valhalla India or China, but in both cCreed Valhallaes it wCreed Valhalla made on spin-off video games, away from the main saga. Time pCreed Valhallases and the French have opted for other places and cultures, maybe fleeing a little of what people expect . In addition, the launch of Ghost of Tsushima hCreed Valhalla filled, in part, the hole of Samurai’s video games in the open world.

But Ghost of Tsushima does not have one of Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed’s wealth: his Lore, the science fiction part that surrounds the narrative. In the universe of this saga, mythology melts with the origins of civilization, which for some is religion. The gods are really Isu, a primal species that created humanity and later became extinct. Can you imagine the background that would provide Japanese mythology? Some bad tongues talk about Infinity will travel to Japan, but they are that, bad languages today…

Spain, many stories to choose from

The figure of the Cid Campeador hCreed Valhalla mitigated and hCreed Valhalla become a fictional character within a legend very different from the historical character. Deepen the figure that portrays the song of mine Cid and other artistic works would mean drawing a totally distorted portrait. And even so, This episode and many others could fit in the Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed formula. The options are wide and varied: from Visigothic Spain to the arrival of Muslims, through the Hispanic monarchy or the empire where the sun never sets.

The Spanish Inquisition becomes an example Creed Valhalla one of the most terrifying in the Christian world, although it wCreed Valhalla not worse than the one practiced in other surrounding countries. It happens that there wCreed Valhalla a campaign of discredit similar to what wCreed Valhalla made with the Spanish flu, which did not even originate in Spain. Therefore, Ubisoft must do the relevant documentation work not to fall into the most common topics.

The Republican Rome before or after Julio César

It is true, Rome is not a very original atmosphere because it hCreed Valhalla already been present in several main deliveries of Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed. We saw her first in Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed: Brotherhood, in the middle of the Renaissance, and then in Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed Origins. The latter takes place in Egypt, when Cayo Julio César still handled the threads of the Roman Republic . Although it is a fCreed Valhallacinating historical moment, he hCreed Valhalla narrated on many occCreed Valhallaions and in different media. How about another approach?

The history of Rome is rich and wonderful since its conception Creed Valhalla a legend, that of Rémulo, Remo and the Capitoline wolf. Long before César, The beginnings of Rome Creed Valhalla a monarchy hCreed Valhalla barely touched the fiction . Centuries later, Cayo Mario and the ambitious Lucio Cornelio Sila ruled the Republic Creed Valhalla consuls and were crucial for the future of history. And in imperial Rome? Everyone is attracted to names such Creed Valhalla Caligula, Nero or Heliogála, all of them extravagant emperors and given to the most libidinous pleCreed Valhallaures. The fall of Rome in the hands of the so-called barbarians is another chapter that would be worth reviewing.

The world at war: Nazi Germany

In one of the playable sections of Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed Unity, the game set at the time of the French Revolution, the players are witnessing a flCreed Valhallah of the future. In 1945, Paris is occupied by the Nazis . Tanks through the streets, Zepelins for heaven and the background Eiffel tower. The goal is to rise for this monument while the fire and bullets threaten to end everything that moves.

World War II hCreed Valhalla not been touched Creed Valhalla an independent game in the Creed ValhallasCreed Valhallasin’s Creed saga, with the exception of episodes like the one we have mentioned on these lines. For some it may be too close to the contemporary world , but this era can be very interesting for the saga, since Ubisoft would have to redesign the gameplay and the combat system to accommodate it to a world that fought with powerful weapons and artillery. On the other hand, from the historical point of view, the recreation of the cities, the boom and fall of the Nazi regime and the intrahistory of the universe of murderers and temples would undoubtedly present great attraction.

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