The Resident Evil 2 remake has already sold more than 10 million copies

Capcom has updated its sales data to announce that the resident evil 2 has already managed to exceed 10 million copies sold. These figures tell us in their statement, here all physical and digital versions that have been sent since January 2019 are compiled, when it was launched for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

In addition to coinciding with the premiere of the Netflix series, this announcement arrives three and a half months after Capcom update the total distributions of their games, when they warned that Resident Evil 2 already had 9.6 million. It seems clear that the remaining 400,000 have been promoted by the launch of the game in New Generation on June 13. Although it came out as a free update for those who already had it for PS4 and Xbox One (in addition to PC), surely many users launched them to squeeze it in the new consoles.

Although it also serves to calm the spirits for the remake of the fourth installment, the truth is that Capcom has earned sales by its own merits with an excellent reissue of the original launched in 1998. Here we commented at the time how he managed to mix the old And the new to result in a work currently in force by itself that moves us to the purest terror in many of the sections of the game. In the words of Fran Pinto:


It is a remarkable horror game with some lagoons and inherited vices and a squeaky redundancy between the two campaigns that it offers from different points of view but identical in its entirety. As remake, it is an absolutely exemplary display of technical and successes in the design and artistic review, an update weighted and endowed with a lot of sensitivity that maintains the spirit even in the new He has lost that parade of questionable costume elections, and perhaps it must be) but it provides a good injection of contemporary conventions and ideas as a result of the evolution of the environment in general and of the genre in particular. The result is fresh, diligent and, most importantly: terrifying.

You can read the complete analysis here.

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