Your cat is a cyberpunk cat! Stray goods release

Travel Cat, a travel product site with a cat, has a unique product. It is a collaboration product with Cyberpunk Cat game ‘Stray’, which is scheduled to be released on the 19th.

Stray is a cat adventure game where a cat who broke up with his family wandered around the city and solved the mystery of the tough city. The Bluet Welve Studio, which consists of cats and some people, has been developed to realize the various characteristics and movements of the cat, and the trailers and screenshots that show them have gained great interest.


This collaboration product is a companion seedling product designed for pleasant travel and movement, and is a limited edition made by adding a visual of Stray to the versatility that can be used by various cats. This time, the backpack and harness were the backpacks, which secured the comfort and safety of cats.

In the case of backpacks, the color of the neon color is impressive for the background of the cyberpunk, and it has a wide ventilation using the mash for the comfort of the cat. In addition, it also features a solidness that can support the weight of up to 11.5 kg so that cats of various sizes can be used. In addition, it is designed to be used as a cage when boarding cats in a cabin in a cabin. According to the homepage, backpacks can also be used for dogs or small buildings of less than 8kg in addition to cats.

The harness consists of the same design as the harness that is equipped with a wandering cat in the game, and offers a 180cm long collar for the safety and free movement of the cat. The size is divided into three types: small, medium, and large size, depending on the size of the cat.

Stray X Travel Cat Backpack is priced at 23,300 won, and Stray X Travel Cat Hnes and Nail Set are 66,400 won. The first estimated shipment date is August 31, and the second expected shipment date is September 21. More information about collaboration products can be found on the official Travel Cat page.

Meanwhile, Stray, which is about to be released on the 19th, can be enjoyed on PCs, PS4 and PS5.

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