How to play as Dusk Falls with friends

As Dusk Falls is a unique interactive story, decorated in the style of a graphic novel with topics that are reflected and saturated with events. You control the story, making important decisions that determine the results, and challenge yourself to complete the quick events that can change all in the fractions of the seconds. Do not go alone-this is also a great game for a party with friends. You can join the game with eight friends, online or locally.

How to organize the game as Dusk Falls

To play the online game AS Dusk Falls, you need to click on the button online on the right side of the screen. This will establish that you have an online connection, and will allow you to invite up to eight players to join your lobby. If you play through Xbox or Steam, you can easily send an invitation to any player from your list of friends right in the game with you. Each player will witness history, in turn will perform QTE and vote for the options presented on their own devices.

How to play as Dusk Falls locally with friends

If you play locally, you can add players to the lobby by connecting more controllers C A button, or instead you can join using mobile devices . You can still play before eight players locally using four controllers and joining the application, or if you do not have controllers, just join the application. Players playing locally will monitor the plot, take turns performing QTE and vote for options on one screen.

How to use the application to play with friends in As Dusk Falls

If you use a mobile device for local connection to the lobby, you will need download free application, accompanying application AS DUSK FALLS . As soon as you download this, you can open it and join the game entering Cooping code . This code will be presented at at the right t from menu lobby . By participating in history, you will use your mobile device as a controller to perform QTE and vote for options.

This interactive story can quickly turn into a party for parties when you and your friends together make difficult decisions and go on a painful journey. Tell us how all your decisions and voices determine the unique features of the character of each player.

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