Netmarble Seven Knights Revolution special broadcast on the 23rd

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) will unveil the special broadcast ‘Communication Hasena’ in the live platform ‘Naver NOW.’ It was revealed.

This special broadcast will be held for about 1 hour with the popular game YouTuber G Sukbaek, Kim Sung-hoe, Lee Hyun-kyung announcer, and Netmarble Nexus Ahn Jun-suk development PD.


Ahn Jun-seok will be honest with various questions about Seven Knights Revolution sent by users, and will reveal the behind-the-scenes of game development through the in-depth interview corner.

In addition, on the day, the story that I wanted to say as a developer was revealed by looking back on the ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ broadcasts of influencers from June 25.

Seven Knights Revolution, which is scheduled to be released in Korea on July 28, is one of the most maximized works of the original. The game is the most high-end graphics to show the Seven Knights Down Graphics, and offers fun and strategic battles that transform into Seven Knights Heroes with pre-class and hero transformation system.

Currently, Netmarble will hold various events on the official website, including the 7777-year-old Nare Ball Expedition Event and the Seven Recognition Succession Qualification Test. The 7777-year-old Nare Ball expedition is a free event that will be paid for a total of 10,000 won after launching a total of 7777 people after completing pre-registration by 11 am on the 27th.

‘Seven Recognition Succession Qualification Test’ is a quiz and acquired certificate, ▲ 24K Seven Knights Golden Hero Card (7) ▲ iPad Pro (2) 5 people) ▲ Jeju Shilla Hotel Weekend Lodging Voucher (2), Baskin Robbins Family Size (100), and Starbucks Ice Americano (200).

Netmarble will receive three-star rachel heroes, 50,000 gold, three-star experience cards, and Grande Seed port costumes to the pre-registered participants of ‘Seven Knights Revolution’.

For more information about Seven Knights Revolution, please visit the official website and the official forum.

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