This is Yor Briars sad past in Spy X Family

Often, one of the main reasons that induces fans to get hooked on an anime are graphic stories, we can give ourselves with Naruto , One Piece, Fruits Basket , among others. However, many have noticed the sad past that had a character of Spy X Family , a salary murder that has not had a fairly happy life.

As perceived in the anime version, the girl is a safe young woman of herself that shows a layer of hardness, which can break the slightest provocation with a question that makes her sorry. So it could be considered Yor as a person who despite having her rough level, also hides a sensitive heart.

First of all, Yor lost her parents, staying with anyone in life more than her child’s brother, Yuri , so she had to use demanding efforts to be able to survive. This led her to become a murderer, since there would be no other jobs that she could play, she after all she had no professional studies or anything similar.

Given this, she had the pressure to take care of Yuri , being a responsibility that she did not correspond to her, and that is precisely one of the reasons why she found a relief in alcohol. That can be added the occasions when she ate foods in poor condition, which is why she has traumas, especially with small creatures such as insects.


However, everything has improved for Yor , because she has the company of Anya and Loid , which although they are not a real family, little by little the affection shows the love taking each other.

Remember that the first batch of Spy X Family is available in Crunchyroll .

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