Stelstactics Mandos 3 HD Remaster PC/Xbox One version has started, and today will be distributed at STEAM. Nintendo Switch/PS4 version will be distributed on September 29

Kalypso Media Japan announced on August 30 that it has launched the stelstactics game Commandos 3 HD Remaster . The compatible platform is PC (Microsoft Store)/Xbox One, the price is 2350 yen for the PC version and 3500 yen for the Xbox One version. It is also provided for PC/Xbox […]

Fort Knight popular distributors flooded Tsukkomi, saying, The pronunciation of Kamehame wave is different. He reveals that it was fishing

Overseas Tiktoker, who is gaining popularity in Fort Night related content, seems to have received intense Tsukkomi related to the pronunciation of Kamehameha. Dragon Ball The English voice actor of Son Goku responded, while the person who received Tsukkomi commented that it was intentional. Overseas media Kotaku reports. Fort Knight […]