DUG pre -booked Real VR Phishing Japan DLC Part 1

-Meta Quest Store more than 5,000 reviews… Average user rating 4.7

-In addition, 58 new fish types, including 1 Japanese DLC part, a total of 10 fishing, updates

-In addition of pre-registration through the official website, you can also provide prizes such as fishing rods and reels

‘Devs United Games’ (hereinafter referred to as DUG), a VR game company in Korea’s first Oculus platform, is a fishing game that combines graphics and landscapes that all VR players can enjoy. Prior to the official launch, he said he would start pre-booking.

Real VR Phishing is a game with an average user rating of 4.7 in more than 5,000 reviews in the Meta Quest Store. All players can enjoy it casually, and it is the advantage of bringing the fishing environment of each country as it is and giving the same element as the actual environment to provide a different atmosphere.

The Japanese DLC Part 1, which was released this time, provides users with a new and quiet fishing environment that is different from the location of the DLC. You can fall into the oriental culture of Japan and enjoy true fishing like an island anglers.

A total of 10 new fishing grounds, Lake Tanuki, Lake Biwako, Lake Ashinoko, Totsukawa Village, Iwakuni Kintai Kyo Bridge, Inne Nehuna, Tokyo Bay Added a pond.

In addition, 58 new fish types, including 26 freshwater fish such as eel, eel, and chilsung eel, and 32 kinds of sea fish such as large snout sharks, sawers, and sangalchi, have also been updated.

In addition to 10 new environments, we also prepared special events for players. The event will be held until the 17th, and will be given prizes such as a dedicated fishing rod and reel only to users who have registered in advance through official website .

Choi Min-kyung, CEO of DUG, said, It is our company’s goal to reflect the needs of users in the game. We will work together with developers to provide various game and game environments so that we can enjoy fishing and have a happier and happy hobbies.

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