Jokers sequel would be carried out in this location

Today is a party for the connoisseurs of the universe DC , since the premiere date for the second sequel to Joker was mentioned, a film that was confirmed practically weeks ago in Instagram . And among the important information of the film, the official location where much of the expected filming would be developed is included.

The title of the tape, Folie A Deux translates as shared madness, which can be a comment on how the character took advantage of the fury in Gotham City for his growing inequality. Although he could also address the rumored secondary character, since he was mentioned before Lady Gaga would be in talks to give life to the popular Harley Quinn .

As for the location of the story, Fuentes mention that much of the film will develop neither more nor less than in A Rkham Asylum , a sanatorium for people with mental problems. We could even give us a track of this stage, since at the end of the first film, the character is in a kind of special hospital.

There are still details to count, but this information is likely to be a reality, to this it is added that the money that Joaquin Phoenix would charge would be more than double with his first interpretation. For now the reports will continue to emerge around the film, after all the premiere is expected to take place on October 4 of 2024 **.

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