Where is the shipbuilding workshop in the game Sea of Thieves?

Ships and their stores play an important role in Sea of Thieves. They are a bridge between the pirate and its ship. Thus, knowledge of where the nearest is located will greatly facilitate your life. And, frankly, we need all the help that we can receive, because this is clearly not a sea of friends.

How to find a shipbuilder in Sea of Thieves

The shipbuilder store is located in the docks of Avvanpost. You can find several in Sea of Thieves, and you can look at them below:

Sherry- output of the sanctuary
Sharon- outpost of golden sand
Sue- extraction of advanpost
Shelley- Avavpost of an ancient spire
Scarlett- Galeon Galeon’s Galeon Avvanpost
Sandra- Avvanpost Dagger tooth
Stevivi- outpost peak Morrow
Sibil- Glorious Sea Dog


Legendary Liz- refuge of good luck Athena *

The shipbuilders were the place where the pirates could decorate their ships with cosmetic means, both purchased and available for purchase. In the 7th season, the shipbuilders were processed and will now sell you ship jewelry and trinkets.

They also offer boxes with essential items. For those who love cosmetics, they will offer repair services to return your ship a new look. Finally, now they offer travels available only to captains. In fact, if this is connected with the ship, a ship’s carpenter will cover you.

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