Lol: Infinity makes All Knights fall and advances for the next playoff date in La Lla

Starting the Playoffs phase in the LLA we have the first confrontation that also defines the first team that is outside the tournament, Infinity is measured against All Knights to look for the pass to the next phase, with all the experience of both squads and looking Show your best moves to determine the team that will take this best of five.

The first confrontation began with great intensity leaving a kalist in lower part for Alive who put the favorable things for the team of the Knights but the infinity managed to turn around the situation with a Taliyah that used Cody With great management of the macro game to rotate at precise times and cause great impact on team fights to give victory to your squad.


For the second map Infinity I would seek to remove the kalist from the rivals to give it to Snaker who would manage to take advantage from the beginning of the game leaving behind his opponents and with protection of his teammates managed The encounter to take objects quickly, a duel that the infinite team drove comfortably to take the second point to the bag.

Arriving at the third game with a lot Solidsnake ** that would be very effective during the game leaving the favorable things for their teammates, playing fights by smarter team would close the series in their favor.

Ending with a 3-0 the Infinity team manages to advance in the playoffs phase will now have to wait for who his rival will be, with two still pending games where we will see the rematch of the opening final and a duel between sharks against The rainbow, the action continues tomorrow to see great meetings within the last dates of this Clausura Tournament of the lla.

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