ARPG ‘Torch Light: Infinite’, Google Play Store Pre -booking

-ARPG , Google Play Store Pre-booking

-Treat global users’ attention with the high game performance proven through illustration visuals and CBT

-Talive system features based on guide, graduality, and strategy diversity

XD said today that its new ARPG , which is developed by the company, will start a pre-booking Google Play Store for Android device users.

Torch Wright: Infinite is a game that won the official Lunic Games IP IP license. 200 years after Torch Wright 2, he joins as one of the Torch Wright team members to leave an adventure to prevent various disasters.

Torch Wright: Infinite is showing global high interest. The illustration visuals that can be confirmed through the released video, the fun elements of the core of the dog, the completed game performance, and various contents that are proven through two CBTs, and various contents are raising expectations for launch from global users.

Torch Wright: Infinite is a key point in combat builds that are built on their own based on their talents that greatly determine their skills and effects. Here, the six talent systems are based on the diversity of strategies that give meaning to various talent selection by giving the talent’s guide role as a guide, the gradual progress of the character’s growth, and the number of various cases. do.

First, talent points are classified in 24 talent panels, and each talent panel has a theme and tag. Since the tag plays a role in presenting the direction of growth, it is possible to grow by stepping on the system after the initial character construction.

The talent on the basis of the game grows with the characters and provides a variety of rewards and combat experiences.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of the six basic talent panels to get the damage bonus effect, and through the core talent of the second talent panel opened in the middle, combined with the existing skills and attributes with some mechanisms to obtain additional effects by combining the existing skills and properties with some mechanisms. Can. It is a real start when all six core talents of the three talent panels are held in the second half.

In particular, core talents can directly affect skill effects or change the combat style through destruction and modification. As a result, various strategies such as changing combat rhythm while effectively giving damage to the main weapon attack and auxiliary weapon attacks as well as buffs and debuff effects.

Torch Wright: Infinite can create a variety of combinations of core talents. Only three talent panel combinations become 288, and the combination of core talents can create a combination that is close to infinite. Users can find their own combat style and the character that suits you based on the infinite freedom of choice provided by the talent system to experience the pleasure of meaning and value.

For more information about the pre-booking and game of , please visit official website and Discord channel , Taptap channel .

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