5 things you need to know before playing Tower of Fantasy

In order to succeed from the very beginning in Tower of Fantasy, you will have to prepare for all the tests. This is a free game with the open world that gives you freedom to wander around the ground, but only if you know how to take care of yourself. An integral part of this game is a Gacha mechanic to obtain heroes that you should pay attention to. So, in order to prepare for everything, check out the five things you need to know before playing Tower of Fantasy.

5 things that you should know before playing in TOF

It is worth noting that this is a massive multiplayer online game, so here you will not be al1. This is great for pastime with friends, but with more than 4 million players, competitiveness will be shown from the very beginning. That is why you need to understand how the system works, so that you have as few errors as possible at the beginning.


1. What is a pity system in Tower of Fantasy?

A pity system is a way to guarantee that you will get something valuable from the throws. As in any Gacha-game, you will need certain resources to experience your luck. The pity system will reward you with more valuable items after a certain number of attempts at Gachi, so as not to waste resources. For example, you will definitely get a strong hero if you are not lucky after 79 shots. But if you come up with any superpowial character before, you will still be guaranteed a great character at number 80.

2. What is Vitaly in Tower of Fantasy

Visuality is a resource that you use to perform certain game tasks. Each action spends a certain amount of vitality; After you are left with nothing, your game capabilities will become very limited. If you cannot wait for Vitaly replenishment, buying more for real money in a game store is the only way to avoid this. If you play strictly free, get ready for limited game sessions.

3. Who are Simulakra in Tower of Fantasy?

Simulakra is the characters with whom we will be your companions during adventure. They are also called facial expressions, as they are weapons programs with people’s memory. You can unlock and use them in battle, where they take the form of humanoid fighters. Since this is a gacha, you cannot buy each of them. You can get Simulacra only through packages and hope for the best.

four. What is a resonance in Tower of Fantasy?

The resonance is a combination of buffs that you receive from combining weapons. The weapon corresponds to the roles of your characters in battle: a tank, healer and causing damage (DPS). Depending on the types of equipped weapons, you can get additional bonuses. To activate the buffs, you must equip at least two weapons of the same type (or have three different types for the balance of balance).

5. What is the most important currency in Tower of Fantasy?

From everything you need to know before the game of Tower of Fantasy, you need the most time to find out about currencies. There are many of them, so do not rush to analyze them, since this knowledge can be useful in this MMO game. Some of the most important currencies in Tower of Fantasy:

Dark crystal *-Currency, which you will mostly use for purchases.
Black core -Currency used to obtain resources and heroes.
Golden core -Currency used to obtain resources and heroes.
* Red core -Currency used to obtain resources and heroes.

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