How to raise a weapon in Tower of Fantasy

To make your character stronger in battle is one of the main development goals in Tower of Fantasy. Here, an understanding of how the ascension of the weapon works is extremely important if you want to destroy all enemies in order to rule in the PVP arena.

The next leadership will explain how to raise a weapon in Tower of Fantasy.

How to raise a weapon in Tower of Fantasy

Increasing the level of weapons in Tower of Fantasy means increasing their star rating to 1 star and higher. To do this, you need to find duplicates of the weapon you want to raise. Please note that every weapon in the game has its own duplicates for ascension.

Duplicates are mainly necessary to increase the basic characteristics of the weapon if you strive to improve the Tower of Fantasy PVP. If you are focused on the PVE aspect, the basic weapon is enough to pass the game.

Tower of Fantasy has only one way that you can get duplicate weapons-this is a stretch of banners. Tower of Fantasy is a gacha game, so players familiar with the genre will know what banners are. Removing banners gives you a random set of objects and weapons of accidental rarity. If you are lucky, you will receive the necessary duplicates.

When you have duplicates, press the ESC button and open the weapon. Finding the weapon that you want to elevate, click on it and choose a promotion option. It will cost 500 gold and the core of the synthesis of the weapon that you received after receiving a copy of the weapon.

After you do this and complete all the procedures, you will be ready for battle in PVP mode. This is almost all that you need to know about the ascension of weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

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