This would be the budget used in Joker 2

In recent weeks the second Joker movie has been on everyone’s lips, since his confirmation was announced by revelation of his script, this was followed by the approval by Warner Bros. And as if that were not enough, the participation of Lady Gaga is confirmed. And now after all this news, the possible budget of the tape is mentioned.

According to the media specialized in cinema and shows, Variety , the money used for this second film would be the triple that was used with the original, thus reaching some 150 million dollars . This is because both the director and the protagonist would receive 20 million each, that would be added the payment of the actress and singer for her role of Harley Quinn .

It is worth mentioning that J Oker: Folie à Deux is one of the few projects to which the company Warner has given them green light, this after its new plan focused on large film productions. The proof of this are discarded films for streaming such as Batgirl , as well as the sequel to Scooby Doo with 3D animation.

However, the first villain of Batman managed to generate almost the quadruple of profits compared to the budget used, so launching a sequel is a basically insured success. In addition, by including musical stars of the caliber of Lady Gaga , I could force the movie theaters to attend all those did not even see the first.

Remember that the film premieres on October 4, 2024. **

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