Where to find mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy you can collect many resources. Many of them can be spent on the purchase of objects, equipment and much more. But some have other applications, for example, cooking. This includes mushrooms-ghosts, broccoli and honey. Mushrooms may be difficult to find what can make you think where to find mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy.

All fungi locations in Tower of Fantasy

You can find mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy in the following places.

Eastern Esperia

South Esperia


How to get mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy

There are two ways to get mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy. You can find them in locations higher and interact with them to choose them, or you can get them by defeating Shrumen . These enemies look like big mushrooms, and they can usually be found near the rocks. We recommend using weapons with a fire element, as they are weak to this.

What to do with mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy?

Mushrooms are a element of the recipe that can be used when cooking or consumed independently. In raw form, they restore only a small amount of satiety , so it is best to cook them. But the mushrooms are delicious and it is quite easy to find.

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