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Mini-cards are an important addition to life that can help the player in his journey, and Tower of Fantasy is no different. They can help the user, providing him with the necessary information in a certain radius around him, highlighting important objects, an active quest marker or other things that the player should know without opening the main card each time. Nevertheless, one question that many people ask is whether you can control the Tower of Fantasy mini-card, which rotates instead of being in a fixed position.

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Can I change the mini-cards settings in Tower of Fantasy?

The answer is not. Currently, there is no way to change any settings associated with the mini-card in Tower of Fantasy. This means that you need to get used to the fixed position of a mini-card, always pointing to the north.

Although this may not be a problem for some players, others may be used to games in which the mini-card will rotate depending on the direction of the character’s gaze. This facilitates the search for things, and you always have a sense of direction.

Let’s hope that Hotta Studio/Level Infinite will update Tower of Fantasy, adding more opportunities for tuning so that each player can use TOF as he wants.

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