Fans are bother with Sony due to lack of classic games on PS Plus

Since its arrival a couple of weeks ago, the new PS Plus has been the focus of the company’s fans, since interesting video games are offered, either from Sony itself or third parties. However, for many players the company is faltering in a fairly important topic, that is the absence of classical titles.

Initially, the Japan company commented that the premium subscription level, month by month would arrive games of the first consoles, something that has been a hollow promise, both for PS1 games as well as PSP . And that already led the players to express their complaints on social networks, because although they give PS4 games, this does not finish filling the demands.

Here some comments from Twitter :

Vamos @Ssony @playstation of all reduced rate games that added to the classic catalog, they did not bother to add legends of legaia or legends of legaia 2. Great disappointment #PS1 #PS2.

WTF are no classics at PS Plus’s premium level this month ???

PS Plus is quite surprising. I would say they are quite the same, but as soon as Sony begins to put more effort in the classics, GP will have finished.

Only three months have passed, but I am prepared to declare that PlayStation Plus Premium is a failure, unfortunately.

Why even announce are we going to get PSP games if three months have passed and everything you have taken is Echocome?


Somehow worse than Nintendo with his classic library.

Two months after the service, the classic PS Plus Premium catalog is not a beginning. Zero Classics that will be added in August, two aggregates after launch, this stinks a little.

Recently the incursion of important franchises was reported such as all deliveries in the world of Yakuza . But all those looking for classics of PS1 or PSP are still looking forward. For now there are no indications that a new wave of ancient titles join at the premium level of internet membership.

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