Where to find potatoes in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy you can collect many resources. Many of them can be spent on the purchase of objects, equipment and much more. But some have other applications, for example, cooking. This includes hermit crab, khomy grains and mushrooms. Potatoes may be difficult to find what can make you think where to find potatoes in Tower of Fantasy.

All potatoes in Tower of Fantasy

If you are looking for a specific resource, read the interactive card Tower of Fantasy. Potatoes in Tower of Fantasy can be found in the following places.

Northern Esperia


South Esperia

How to get potatoes in Tower of Fantasy

Potatoes cannot be found in the Astra, so you must cross the river to the Northern continent. The most common localization is in far north , but you should be at a certain level before you can collect them there. Instead, you can find some above Bangs Doc . Just go and collect as much potatoes as you want.

What to do with potatoes in Tower of Fantasy

Potatoes are part of culinary recipes . In addition, you can eat them raw, if you do not have enough health and you cannot find a station for cooking. It is better to cook them, since the bonuses that they give will be better. Collect potatoes and enjoy delicious home food with this hearty ingredient.

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