Ezra Miller apologizes for her actions

In recent months, the name of Ezra Miller has not stopped sounding, this after several accusations against the actor. Now, completely unexpectedly, the person responsible for giving life to Flash in the DCEU, issued a statement where he has pointed out that All these controversies have caused a series of mental problems.

Through a talk with Variety, Miller revealed that he is currently under treatment after having suffered complex mental health problems , this as a consequence of a series of problems, including accusations of aggression and abuse. This was what he mentioned about it:

Having recently gone through a moment of intense crisis, now I understand that I am suffering from complex mental health problems and I have started continuous treatment. I want to apologize to all those that I have alarmed and bothered with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to return to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.


Currently, it is unknown if the treatment is the result of an intervention by Warner Bros., or if the decision was made by Miller. Depending on how this treatment goes, it is certain that the company takes notes and see what is the best direction for _the flash. Along with this, on September 27, the actor must appear before the Court, this after being accused of serious crime of robbery.

In related issues, fans already have Miller’s perfect replacement in the DCEU. Similarly, this is what Warner Bros. Discovery plans with the flash.

Editor’s note:

Although clearly the mental problems of Ezra Miller are a point that have to be treated with respect and have to be taken with all possible seriousness, it is also important to point out that the actor is being victimized by his actions. We just hope that his apology will be sincere, and he does plan to change his behavior.

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