Tower of Fantasy: Where to find Portúnidos

Cooking is an integral part of many role-playing games and Tower of Fantasy is no exception. The game presents a handful of ingredients that vagrants can use to cook a variety of dishes and get health benefits. One of those ingredients are the ports that are used to cook a special dish called Steam Carb. Since the ingredient can be found in certain places, it can be difficult to find. That said, we will show the exact locations where to find Portúnidos in the Fantasy Tower If you are fighting .

Tower of Fantunids Location Guide

Image source: Tower of Fantasy interactive map

Portunids are commonly found in the southern region of Aesperia’s map, nearby places such as Fiendish Swamp, Seaforth Dock, Transport Hub and more. In addition to this, the creature is also generated on Rusty Belt Island near the football field and Barrestown. According to the interactive map of Tower of Fantasy, portunids are generated in 40 different locations. We have also marked the precise locations of the ingredient in the image above.

We strongly recommend raising portunids near the beach in the areas of the southern map of Aesperia, since vagrants can obtain them in large quantity without having to travel long distances. However, it is worth noting that some regions are unlocked after reaching a certain milestone in the game.

How to collect portunids in Tower of Fantasy?

Image Source: Hotta Studios

Portunids resemble the crab that is commonly found on the beaches. After seeing one, stop near him and give it with any of your weapons. Finally, the creature will die and add to its inventory. They also inflict your character damage; Therefore, do not stay idle near them.

Like other ingredients, portunids reappear in the same place once the daily restart occurs. Therefore, be sure to review the same areas to collect more ingredients. Once you have them in your inventory, you can use the ingredient to cook the steamed crab, which regenerates 10 satiety. Wanderers can eventually use them to restore the health of their character immediately by 15%.

That is all you need to know about Find portunids in Tower of Fantasy . Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other contents related to Tower of Fantasy here in Portunids, such as Tower of Fantrol Ruoll Guide, Is Tower of Fantasy Free To Play and more.

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