Isaacs burnt offer: Refentance, console version is scheduled to be released on November 24

Japan’s PIKII Joint Company (Headquarters Niigatami Juo-gu) worked with Daewon Media (CEO Jung Wook, Jung Dong-hoon) to work on ‘Isaac’s burnt offer: Repentance (English name: The Binding of Isaac: Repentance)’ on November 24th. The company announced that it will be released in Korea and started pre-sale today on August 19.


‘Isaac’s burnt offer: Reality’ is a ‘Log Like Action RPG’ where maps, enemies, and items are randomly changed every time they play. The previous work ‘Isaac’s burnt: Reverse (English name: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth) and additional DLC’ afterbirth ‘and’ afterbirth+’are new games that add items and stages to all contents of’ afterbirth+’, more than 700 items, more than 700 items There are more than 400 monsters of 17 player characters with various abilities and attack styles, and game balance and graphic adjustment are performed in addition to various new elements from one screen to multi-mode.

The user must avoid the ‘Mama’, which operates the main character ‘Isaac’, and ‘Isaac’ can confront the eerie monsters that are hit by the weapon, ‘Tears’. In addition, they find strange items, strengthen themselves, find various secrets hidden in the basement, and find a safe place.

The Package version of ‘Isaac’s burnt offer: Repentance’, which is a logic game dedicated to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4, will be released at 59,800 won on November 24th, and pre-sale will be made from 3 pm on August 19. The package version is a limited quantity of the game software, along with the ‘Nintendo Switch version of the purchase of the NINTENDO SWITCH version’, ‘Godfi’ doll (when purchasing the PlayStation4 version), and the special booklet ‘Repentance’ with the packaging box.

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