NetmarbleMarge Kungya Island updates new theme volcanic islands

-The first update after launch is Volcanic Island, 4 new Kungya, and 12 kinds of resources

-New content ‘Brick’, ‘Long Nest‘ showed

-In commemoration of the update, various events are held

Netmarble announced today that it will add a new theme volcanic island and expand the maximum level with the first update of the casual game Merge Kungya Island.

Volcanic islands designed as a lava-flowing island can only purify contaminated lands by using a dedicated integer ‘burning integer’. ‘Burning Essence’ is eight stages, and the higher the steps, the more tiles are purified.

The maximum level was raised from 108 to 200, with four new islands (Lemon Kungya, Lily Kungya, Carrot Kungya, Guava Kungya), 12 kinds of resources, and 3 ruins.

The new content includes ‘bricking’ and ‘Long Nest’. ‘Brick Hurosero’ is a content that bakes resources such as pomegranate and figs to make energy pies. Energy pi fills the necessary energy in adventure mode. ‘Long Nest’ can be added to Rong (Kungya Egg) and after a certain time, you can get the first level kungya.

Netmarble has a different mission-type event according to the user account level. First, if you achieve the level 10, you can take a ‘Kungya family photo’ event. The user receives 1,000 gems by collecting all the kungya that corresponds to family photos. After achieving level 65, you can participate in an event that receives 900 gems by collecting resources and kungya for the mission.

In addition, Netmarble will hold a hot-time event that acquires star sculptures, wood, and coins from 20 to September 19. It is an event that touches flying resources, and can be gained from the 20th to 22nd to commemorate the update. In addition, if you purchase a certain rong, you will be given an event to pay a pieces until September 14.

Merge Kungya Island is a casual game of the Merge genre using Netmarble’s own IP ‘Kungya’. Merge combines three objects to combine new objects, and users can make and decorate their own islands by using resources and kungya gathered in Merge Kungya Island.

More information about the game can be found on the official site .

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