PlayStation to the courts for a strange case of commissions: Who is right in the case?


Bad news for Sony, the company will have to visit the courts! The reason? The Japanese firm has been accused of fraud by an association of consumers in the United Kingdom and the PlayStation parent company is involved in the country’s justice. But then what does this mean for Sony?

¿PlayStation overload its prices?

The complaint in question was filed by Alex Neill , a consumer rights activist, before the Court of Appeal of the United Kingdom competence. According to the information collected by Sky, the complaint document argues that the players of PlayStation of the United Kingdom have been charged more £ 5,000 million (5,900 million euros)in total for their digital purchases During the last six years, that is, since August 19, 2016, it would represent more than 9 million people in the country. **

The commissions in question

The complaint seems to be related to the terms that Sony imposes on developers and editors who wish to sell games and additional content through the digital stores of PlayStation. For now, Sony takes a 30% commission for each sale, like Steam, Xbox or the App Store. It would therefore be this same commission that, according to Alex Neill, would mean a problem. According to him, it would unnecessarily overload the players.

No one knows what is the main objective of the complaint, that is, if their authors want to disappear this type of commissions , or if they Sony should simply reduce the percentage . Meanwhile, if Alex Neill wins, the players in question will receive between 67 and 562 pounds in compensation, more interests.

We do not know what the result of this matter will be, but now it will depend on British justice and its experts decide if Sony is really to blame… or not.

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