Sonys PlayStation VR2, scheduled to be released in early 2023

On the 23rd, Sony announced on the official SNS that its ‘PlayStation VR 2’ (PS VR2) will be released in early 2023.

PS VR2 is the follow-up device of PS VR released in 2016. It was first unveiled at the 2022 International Electronics Fair and greatly improved the resolution that was previously pointed out as a disadvantage. Sony explained that the PS VR2 can provide an excellent visual experience through the 4K HDR, 90/120Hz, 110-degree viewing angle, and forbeated rendering through the PS5.


It has also been upgraded in terms of controllers and senses. PS VR2 reflects the direction of the player’s movement and eye without an external camera through the built-in integrated camera. The built-in motor with vibration functions may be intense feedback when the object moves near the head in the game or when the player’s heart rate goes up.

In addition, technologies such as eye tracking and see-through views are applied. PS VR2 detects the movement of the eye through eye tracking, so the player can interact with the game character just by watching a certain direction. The see-through view feature is a feature that allows you to see the surrounding environment without taking off the headset through the built-in camera. You can also scan your room with a camera to set a play area for your user environment.

Sony also promised to support PS VR2 through various games. At the first public event of PS VR2, the dedicated title was unveiled, and in the ‘State of Play’ showcase in June, , , and The game of the game is preparing to respond to PS VR2.

The selling price of PS VR2 has not been announced yet. The previous PS VR was sold for 498,000 won. However, it is difficult to predict that it will be released at a similar price because of the recent inflation and exchange rate.

For example, ‘Meta Quest 2’ (former Oculus Quest 2), which was sold at a similar price in July 2022, raised the price by about 130,000 won due to manufacturing costs and transportation costs.

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