All abilities Hunter Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2

Hunters in Destiny 2 are quick and cunning, and at their disposal there are many tricks to confuse and disable enemies. The processing of ARC 3.0 only complements them of their already impressive set of tools with several electrified options.

Destiny 2 Arches of a hunter 3.0 superpowers

arc staff *
* Form a staff from pure arc energy and acrobatically destroy your enemies. It may reflect the approaching shells with an arc staff.
impending storm *
* Throw your arc staff forward, sticking it into the surface or big goals and shaking the nearest goals. After a short time, destructive lightning strikes into the staff, reloading it with the energy of the arc. During reloading, your staff shoots lightning at the nearest opponents.

Abilities Destiny 2 Hunter Arc 3.0

Player’s trick *
* Detachment to make a clever somersault, avoiding enemy attacks. Evasion from enemies completely reloads your ability of close combat.
evasion arrow *
* Detachment to perform the maneuver of evasion with a hard hand. Evasion automatically reloads your weapon.

* Combined blow
* A quick blow that temporarily increases your damage in close combat when victory over the target. Summarized three times. Victory over goals with the help of this ability also completely replenishes the energy of the ability of your class and restores a small amount of health.

disorienting blow *
* A blow to the enemy of this close combat ability blinds him and strengthens you.
Storm grenade
* A grenade causing a focused storm of lightning.
Lightning pomegranate
* A grenade that sticks to any surface and emits lightning.
Light-Shuman grenade *
* An explosive grenade that causes damage and blinds the nearest goals.
Pulse grenade
* A grenade that periodically damages the goals within the radius of its explosion.
Pass the grenade
* A pomegranate, which is split during the impact, forming several shells flying to the target.
Flus grenade *
* Explosive grenade that attaches to goals.
arc grenade *
* A grenade that rivets lightning to the nearest purposes.

Destiny 2 Hunter arch 3.0 aspects

Stream condition *
* Victory over a shabby goal makes you stronger. While you are strengthened, your evasion is recharge faster, you are more stable when evading, and your reloading speed increases significantly.
* During sliding, activate the charged ability of near-battle to apply a crushing uppercott, which passes along the ground in front of you, causing damage and shaking the affected goals.
deadly current
* After evading, your next hand-to-hand attack increases the range, shakes the target and creates a destructive aphthers. The damage to any shabby target attacks also blinds it.

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