DFB Foundation Egidius Braun as well as Klitschko Foundation Organize Inter Exchange Academy in Berlin

The IEA is a German-Ukrainian young people exchange with 15 participants, which originate from both Germany and also Ukraine, at the age of 16-21. The aim of the exchange is to increase the skills of collaborating on jobs and also gaining from each other.

The DFB Foundation Egidius Braun organizes the Inter Exchange Academy (IEA) along with the Klitschko Structure. This will take place in Berlin from September 26 to 30, 2022.

The DFB Foundation Egidius Braun and the Klitschko Foundation organize an Inter Exchange Academy in Berlin.

Inter Exchange Academy: Tasks in the area of sports, culture and also more

In the Inter Exchange Academy, jobs from the areas of sporting activities, nature, national politics as well as culture are being worked with. On top of that, the youths take joint expeditions, such as the German Bundestag.

Articles as well as videos on the topic
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Under this link you can apply for the Inter Exchange Academy

Participation is at no cost, the costs for arrival and also separation, accommodation as well as excursions as well as various other promotions are split as part of the task in between the Klitschko Foundation as well as the DFB Structure.

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