Fort Knight popular distributors flooded Tsukkomi, saying, The pronunciation of Kamehame wave is different. He reveals that it was fishing

Overseas Tiktoker, who is gaining popularity in Fort Night related content, seems to have received intense Tsukkomi related to the pronunciation of Kamehameha. Dragon Ball The English voice actor of Son Goku responded, while the person who received Tsukkomi commented that it was intentional. Overseas media Kotaku reports.

Fort Knight is currently conducting a collaboration event with the popular manga and anime Dragon Ball. The characters such as Son Goku, Vegeta, Bloomers, and Bills appear in Fort Knight, and Dragon Ball Super Anime Watching Events and Collaboration items distribution in the game are held in the game. In addition, the capsule fell from the sky during each match. If you find it, you can use Muscle-donun and Kamehame Wave like the original manga or animation. It is a Kamehame wave that is a leading technique of Dragon Ball, which can actually blow off the enemy.

And since the other day, a turmoil related to the pronunciation of the kamehame wave has broken out, mainly in the overseas community. It started with a collaboration introduction video by Dagwummy. He is a person who is gaining popularity in Fort Knight related content at Tiktok. The number of followers in the Tiktok account approached 1 million at the time of writing, and the number of registered YouTube channels boasted about 630,000. On August 19, Dagwummy posted a video about how to use Kamehame Wave in Fort Knight. However, the pronunciation of the kamame wave by him was clearly wrong.

Kamehameha is Kamehameha in English, and not only in Japan/English, but also Kamehameha. However, in the above-mentioned videos, Dagwummy is saying, Kamiyamama. Regardless of the pronunciation of English, KAME is pronounced kami, where did Yamama come from? The shouting is Kirmyer Maramer!

Speaking of Dragon Ball, it is a very popular work not only in Japan but also overseas. Many users, including overseas anime fans, have responded all at once to the pronunciation of the popular tiktoker, Dugwummy, Kamiyama. In the comments section of the Tiktok video, comments and mistakes that ridiculed strange pronunciation were invested. In addition, other Tiktok contributors responded in videos. Several users have pointed out the mistakes in their anger, and even users who abuse Dugwummy in dirty words.

And Kamiya Mama Video spreads promptly on SNS. The tweets introduced the film on Twitter have also received a tsukkomi to Dugwummy. Ninja, a famous streamer, also mentioned Kamiyama, and Sean Schemmel, who plays the role of Goku in the English version of Dragon Ball, also responded. He commented, Is Kami Mama’s mom’s mom?

However, Dugwummy’s Kamiyama remark was not just a mistake. Because he released a video on August 21 that Kamiyama was a fishing. He revealed that he had pronounced Kamiyama instead of a mistake. Regarding the part of Yamama, he included a joke like YO MAMA, that is, Your Mother XX. Dugwummy also explains the history of Kamiyama remarks in a comment for Kotaku. He says that many Fort Knight video content creators have incorrect the pronunciation of the Kamehame wave. For that reason, he thought that if he dared to pronounce the wrong pronunciation, he would have received an interesting reaction, and he said Kamiyama.

As a matter of fact, Dugwummy is clearly pronounced Kamehameha in a video released before Kamiya Mama Video. He is pronounced in English, and is easily pronounced as Kamihamiha and is faithfully protecting the pronunciation that is relatively close to Japanese. Therefore, it is true that he dared to pronounce the wrong pronunciation. He also mentions Kamehamami in Tiktok videos released on August 24. I mistakenly say in a dimension that I no longer know what it is like Kaim Haim Hamaha. Even after a series of uproar, it seems that there are few users caught here.

Due to Dugwummy’s original popularity, he quickly became a tsukkomi remark. Although it would not be clear if it was caught, Dugwummy understands the correct pronunciation of the kamehame wave and seems to have made a mistake. In addition, it was a act that felt the love of Dragon Ball, which is not a domestic and overseas question, because many users have thrown Tsukkomi.

Fort Knight is currently holding a collaboration event with Dragon Ball. The event quest will end at 5:00 pm on August 30. There will be few opportunities to emit rambery waves in the game. In that case, I want to shout Carmehameha!

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