Genshin Impact Aranyaka Search Guide

Tea Search from Aranyaka is one of the longest stories of the last Genshin Impact update version 3.0. So, if you need help along the way, we have prepared this guide that explains each chapter and what World Quests you should complete to move more on this mission.

How to complete the Aranyaka mission in Genshin Impact

Players can unlock Aranyaka Quest going to a particular area and finding some small creatures while walking through Sumeru. Here is everything you should do to complete this intricate mission within Genshin Impact:

Aranyaka mission: Part 1

* Start the mission walking along the path near Gandharva Town and Vimara Village.

You will see Rana being attacked by enemies while she walks near Vimara Village, thus starting Woodland Encounter World Quest-Aranyaka: Part 1.

* Defeat enemies.

* Follow Rana.

* Clean the withered z1.

After following her, you must help her get rid of the withered zone collecting dendrograna (she presses ‘Summon dendrograna’ near the green orb) and attacking it with loaded attacks or directed shots. Be sure to sign up for the smallest branches and then destroy the witness tumor once you defeat nearby enemies.

* See Vimara Village and continues to follow Rana.

During this time, Vimara Village will travel and perform several tasks, such as talking to the locals of the area and telling stories to children.

* Clean two withered areas and defeat the spinococodyrs.

* Help frog to collect firewood.

The next step in Aranyaka Quest is to get three firewood for frog, which has a distinctive shine with an arrow that can be found around the designated area. Then select an Pyro user to turn on the fire.

* Fight against Fatui members.

Eventually, you will find two fatui enemies inside a cave that you must eliminate. It would be better to use a Hydro and Cyro user to reduce speed.

* Save the child, Iotham, in the withered area.

You will have to tear down another withered zone to rescue Iotham and then follow strange traces to find frog in a green orb to start your next mission.

Aranyaka Search: Part 2

Once you find more magical creatures in the forest, you will begin Dream Nursery-Aranyaka: Part 2. In this part of the mission, you must return to Vimara Village and talk to Amadhiah, where you will go to a place called Vasana (the area dark on the map of Sumeru).

Source: Mihoyo through Genshin Impact

Do not worry too much about losing yourself in this new place, since it is relatively easy to find the next part of the search. You will find a ghostly door the more you approach the designated location, in which you should touch the rhythm of the great dream with the vintage lyre.

Next, players must find Phantasmal Seeds in a limited time. You must start collecting these materials from the wooden platform in front of you and follow the trail from there.

Source: Mihoyo through Genshin Impact

When you collect enough ghostly seeds on this side, you will have to turn around to get the rest. Players must look around and use the Four-Reref Sigil transport system (the yellow icon in the image below) to get faster. In addition, each seed gives you additional time for the experience to be more accessible.

Source: Mihoyo through Genshin Impact

You will be rewarded with some valuable resources when you finish the test and have the opportunity to unlock the statue of the seven, which will result in a better view of the map. During this period, you must help the Aranras (the creatures) and fulfill three tasks: two battles with fungi and one in which you will have to hit a giant rock repeatedly to destroy it.

The players will go through another series of instances that involve ending a vanagni threat and playing Rhythm of the Great Dream once again until these tasks are assigned:

Organize UTSAVA Festival: * Complete an unwavering culinary dream.
Help Aranara in the forests: Complete Varuna Gatha, Agnihotra Sutra and Vimana Agama.
Get 3 fruits Vasoma : Find them in Ashvatta contests (sacred areas).

Ashvatta contests can be activated by talking to Arakavi, which will appear as a mission in Vanarana. In return, you will obtain three new missions that include musical minijuegos to clear blocked areas (use them near Sprouting Branches). In addition, it is recommended to carry an arc carrier for these missions because you will need to point to floating dendrograna to unlock certain areas. Here is a list of three adventures that you must complete for Vasoma Fruits in the search for Aranyaka:

The rhythm that leads to the gloomy path *: Use the Rhythm of the Gloomy Path songs to cross the blocked areas.
The rhythm that nourishes the outbreak : unlocks the song Rhythm of the Sprout.
The rhythm that reveals the bestial trail : Use the song Rhythm of the Beastly Trail that can be reproduced near special flowers (be sure to bring a dendro user to hit the clusterlea of cultivation plant).

Each mission begins with the angle of your camera to illuminate the pink sumera, so circulate around the flowers until they all light up. In addition, these days everyone follows the same formula of cleaning withered areas and eliminating enemies with the ultimate goal of acquiring the three fruits Vasoma.

Source: Mihoyo through Genshin Impact

Sermination of seedlings

The Sprouting Seedlings mission in Genshin Impact is another secondary mission in the history of Aranyaka that will only occur when Completes Varuna Gatha World Quest. He does not take too much of his time and will show some scenes of dialogue with Aranara.

UTSAVA Festival

UTSAVA Festival will be unlocked once you perform all the required tasks mentioned above, where you can travel vasana and talk to the creatures you have met on the way and make several new friends. Each of them will reward you with flowers for your hard work, and some will ask you to participate in fun minijugos, such as playing hide and chief, creating meals and solving riddles.

When you get to the task ‘get a little water for arapas’, you can select the Taste of Happiness mission to see the reference point of the best water the Aranara wants.

If you talk to the creature, Araesha, will give you a series of riddles, and you can find the answers here:

  • Apple

Seta Star *

In addition to these tasks, one of the Aranara can be difficult to find, since you will have to pass over the festival to reach them. You can use the four-sheet stamps to talk to the creature and chat with the rest of the Aranara to complete the second part of the search for Aranyaka.

Source: Mihoyo through Genshin Impact

Aranyaka Search: Part 3

The Celebration of the UTSAVA festival is over and you will have to go to Fane of Ashvattha, located in an underwater cave. Before entering, you must drain the water in another area to be able to move freely; You can find the entrance near the TV Waypoint underwater within the designated area. However, players must activate four elementary monuments with a dendro user to unlock water drainage mechanisms.

Three of the structures are easy enough to unlock, while one of them is inside a barrier that has a hidden entrance.

Source: Mihoyo through Genshin Impact

Now that the water has drained, you can return to Fane of Ashvatta to talk to Arama, who will take you to Ashvatta Tree. When you get to this place, you will have to clean a withered area and fight against enemies such as Thundercraven Rifthound, so try to be prepared for a challenging fight in advance.

When you defeat your opponents, you will begin a new mission to find the registration of the memory in Old Vanarana. Players must follow Arama in the vast withered zone and fight anyone along the way. Once you get to the witness tumor, Arama will help you break it down and you will have to lift seven stamps with a pyro user (stones with a green shine).

Four of the stamps are easy to locate, but the next three are in a hidden area that can only be unlocked playing a song in front of a flower.

Source: Mihoyo through Genshin Impact

You will have to do the same to eliminate another barrier touching a song for the dendrogranum, as shown here:

Source: Mihoyo through Genshin Impact

Once the players raise the seven stamps, they must fight against a Ruin Guard that can regenerate their health until Arama finally comes to defeat the enemy.

After investigating the new area, you will have to defeat the Avatar of Marana, the last enemy of Genshin Impact Search for Aranyaka. But you must follow Arama to defeat a nearby withered zone before facing the enemy (the game will tell you when you should start fighting your opponent). In addition, when the Avatar of Marana regenerates, you must follow Arama again to clear out of an area and repeat these steps.

Keep in mind that this battle only allows you to play as the traveler, so try to be inside the radius of Arama to replace your health. If you defeat the enemy successfully, you will have to touch the rhythm of the great dream for the last time to get bija, the seed of hope for the Aranara. You can use the unique fruit to cure Rana and complete the story of Aranyaka.

Now that you know How to complete the search for Aranyaka inside Genshin Impact , you can celebrate your victory once you complete each step. To get more content about the game, you can check the relevant links below and see our guide on how to get Dori.

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