The official release of the railway sim set throughout Europe! As a driver and manager -freshly collected! Todays STEAM Featured Game 10 Selections [August 26, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is within 3 days after early access and official release The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular) *. Introducing a new title! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

Earthling’s Undertaking

The turn-based RPG Earthling’s UnderTaking on the theme of ancient Chinese myths has started early access. This work is a combination of training RPG and strategic game. The player travels in a mysterious world as the head of the fallen family and spells his own mythology legend. The characters that appear are available in a rich customization element that can change characteristics, personality, costumes, hairstyles, etc. In the story, a mythic person appears, interacting with them, and aiming to be immortal at the end of training. Whether you go peacefully or destroy it depends on the player’s choice, and various actions seem to affect the world.

Train Life: a Railway Simulator (early access graduation)

This work is a simulation game that can be enjoyed by both drivers on railways and company management, set throughout Europe. Train driving is performed by physical operations that are in line with the real world, and advanced playing is required. It is said that in addition to the precautions for signal and operation instructions, speed control, etc., it is also required to respond to fallen trees, stuck cars, and weather conditions. Regarding management, we will start with the creation of names and logo, and aim to develop the company by purchasing and repairing vehicles, employment of drivers, and new route contracts.

The Bridge Currse Road to Salvation

The horror game THE BRIDGE CURSE: ROAD to Salvation, based on the Taiwanese horror movie Curse Bridge (Girl Onibashi), which is being distributed at Netflix, has started distribution. This is a first-person stealth horror game set on a university campus. Six students who have worked on various taboos about the cursed bridge in the liver trial exercise will encounter a terrible event. In game play, it is said that they must challenge stealth play and mystery solving mini-games from the viewpoint of each character, and survive from unknown fears and female ghosts.

warriors of the nile ~ The sun warrior ~ 2

The sequel to the turn-based strategy Warriors of the Nile’s Taiyo has appeared. In this work, we will take over the framework of the first Strategy+Rogue Like, lead the hero who was blessed by the Egyptian gods and compete with the hostile Roman army. The new Nile warriors have unique skills each character, and not only the stage strategy, but also the character’s personal skills will bring new changes to the battle.

Hark in the wilderness (early access graduation)

This is a horizontal scrolling action game with metroidvania elements set in the wilderness. Players will use the original skills that combine multifunctional energy hooks, flexible positioning and exquisite attack timing, and confront the ultimate secrets hidden in this world while solving the mystery. The graphics are drawn by a retro pixel art, and the event scene is developed in a unique art style reminiscent of a manga.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance

This work is an action RPG set in the world G: Universe, which is developed by the story of a Gundam work that has been distorted due to a break phenomenon. The player will be the captain of the three aircraft and one platoon, fighting a fake world with numerous mobile suits and pilots. There are more than 20 works, including Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam II, ∀ Gundam, and G Reconguista. It is possible to defeat the enemy with a continuous fighting action using various weapons unique to mobile suits, or to hit the mission with other players in multiplayer.


a.v.a global

This work is an online FPS with a highly valued graphic quality as a title of UNREAL ENGINE 3 for the first work of the same genre at the time. Although the service ended on STEAM overseas before, the service ended on June 29, 2018, but in this Steam version, the GLOBAL service expanded to Japan. Currently, Alliance of Valiant Arms in Japan is developed on PMANG, a game-on game portal site, but this work A.V.A Global is different from A.V.A, which is operated by the game on. It will be another service developed by NEOWIZ. In addition, Alliance of Valiant Arms operated by Game On is still available.

Desktop Girlfriend (for adults)

This work is a work that can interact with various beautiful girl characters on the desktop. Characters can be customized for hairstyles, hair colors, eyes, nail colors, etc. You can also change the costume. It also supports steam workshops and can upload characters and animations that you customize. In addition, according to the store page, the character model is equipped with breast physics and hip shake.

Guild Wars 2

The popular long-established MMORPG, which started the service in 2012, has finally appeared on Steam. This work, which can be enjoyed for free for free, selects some races and occupations and creates your own character. You can enjoy a free way of playing, such as exploring the world called Tyria and clearing various quests, helping and fighting with other players. Heart of Thorns and PATH OF Fire are bundled as expansion content, and End of Dragons single packs are sold, and a new story quest is added to the map or add a new story quest. COMPLETE COLLECTION, which combines WORLD and the extended content above, is now on sale.

Midnight Fight Express

This is a 3D proximity fighting action game that looks down. The player is led by a mysterious AI drone as a former member of the crime underground organization, and fights to prevent crime planning to take over the city. You can enjoy flowing intuitive battles such as punches, kicks, and dodges, and you can use level-ups and skill tree to braid more destructive martial arts. There is also a character customization function, so you can establish your own style with a wide variety of cosmetics.

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