Modern Warfare 2: Activision wants to pull nostalgia bringing back all the old maps

Not long ago, although we all knew that the study Infinity Ward was preparing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the interest of a new game is generally to offer new operators players, a new story, a new story, a new story, a new story, a new story, a new story, New weapons. as well as new maps, at least for the multiplayer.

But it is true that there are players within the community of Call of Duty who want to find ancient maps of previous games, and we can understand them, since nostalgia always returns with this type of reboots. Well, hold on strong because according to a last filtration, Modern Warfare 2 could well welcome all the old maps , all at the same time.


Modern Warfare 2 could add all old maps to your squad

We will never say enough, but the information that will continue is currently only a rumor, so we must take with tweezers the statements that will continue so as not to risk a great disappointment when the game is published. According to the words of a well-known filtering of the community of Call of Duty Theghostofhope, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 should welcome , and for the greatest happiness of all, to a great update of all maps Call of Duty Originals: Modern Warfare 2 of 2009.

As a reminder, Infinity Ward’s title should have a longer life cycle than their predecessors with two years instead of one, so developers will have to last 24 months offering content without stopping. As a result, Theghostofhope said this by stating that its source was confiable.

According to him, or rather according to his source, the study would plan to launch all MW2 maps from 2009 at the same time, and this during the period after the launch of the title. As a result, veteran players should find maps known as Rust, Highrise, terminal or even Scrapyard .

As a reminder, this is just a rumor for the moment, so we will have to be patients and wait for any confirmation, or not, but we will know more on September 15 . As a reminder, this date will be carried out by the revelation of the MW2 multiplayer, and finally we should have the officialization of the DMZ mode, as well as the first images of the next Battle Royale, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

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