Where to find Jumping Rock at Made in Abyss Binary Star

Exploration is the name of the game in Made in Abyss Binary Star Falling into Darkness. Between the missions and the tasks related to the main story, it will boost almost all the actions you perform, whether trying to find new elements or try to reach new areas. However, the latter, in particular, can be complicated, and if you are like most players, you are probably struggling to discover Where to find Jumping Rock in Made in Abyss Binary Star . Fortunately, we are here to help with this detailed guide.

How to get to Falling Rock at Made in Abyss Binary Star

Found in the first layer of the abyss, you can only reach the Jumping Rock area of Abyss Binary Star through some other specific areas.

From the entrance of the first layer, go to the entrance of the Waterfall Gondola area to the right of the area. Go through it, and once you are in the new area, go directly to the north towards the entrance of the new area in the middle of the three doors of the potential z1. This entry will take Grand Bridge Way.

Once at Grand Bridge Way, go to the new entrance of the area in the northwest corner of the map. We have included a screenshot below as a reference if necessary.

You will have to lower some rock walls to reach the level where the entrance is located, so be sure to start the descent with a lot of energy and do not collect anything if you are about to be overloaded. There will also be primitive creatures grazing near the entrance. Try not to attract your attention and, if you do, prepare yourself with a peak or an ax.

Once you get to the entrance, continue. Then you will have successfully reached the Jumping Rock area.

How to find the hidden Jumping Rock area

However, it is worth noting that simply reaching Jumping Rock will not be enough to complete the missions linked to Made in Abyss Binary Star. In particular, the mission that forces you to find the hidden area of Jumping Rock will require that you reach that area before What progress.

To do so, go to the right side of the area. Find the tree to which you can tie a rope and then rap to the shelf with another tree to which you can tie a rope. Attach another rope and go down more until you reach a narrow shelf for which you can travel.

Follow the shelf until it leads to a more open area. Once there, the road will be divided. Take the path on the right and follow it until you reach a shaded part of trees that leads to a new tree to tie strings. Go behind this tree, and you will find a part of a rock wall through which you can climb to reach a distant shelf.

You will have to climb this part of the rock wall to reach the hidden area. Fortunately, this can be done without resistance or climbing improvements, so don’t worry about not having the necessary statistics to do so.

After climbing through this wall, go a little further. This will activate a scene and the hidden area will be revealed.

Hopefully this is clarified Where to find Jumping Rock at Made in Abyss Binary Star . To get more information about the game, see any of the articles related below. We also have a complete review of the game and many guides on issues such as how to grow rare relics and whether you can stop the curse of the abyss.

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