Released from the 80s zombie survival horror Night at the Gates of Hell -Inspire from the early Bio

Torture Star Video released the zombie survival horror ADV Night at the Gates of Hell for PC (Steam) and released the trailer.

This work is a horror adventure from the PS1-style visual and the first-person viewpoint set in the 1980s. It was influenced by Italian zombie films and early Resident Evil , such as Hell’s Gate and Female Prison Director Bruno Matt, and the early Resident Evil . Is.

The player must be a debit that lives quietly in an apartment on the seaside before his wife, solving puzzles, collecting items, surviving the zombies, and escaping the town. It seems that 85 unique zombies will appear in this work, and they will never meet the same zombies. In addition, the enemy can only fall down with a headshot and the movement speed is slow and intimidating, so you can experience a tension battle.

Night at the Gates of Hell, a survival horror, which attacks a horde of PS1-style low-porrizombies in the 1980s, is being distributed to PC (Steam). Until September 22, it is 10%off 1,098 yen.

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