ZEP conducts net open time and half -fighting exhibition for high school students

[ Park Yeo-jin] JET (JET, co-representative Kim Wannabe, Kim Sang-yeop) announced on the 20th that it will hold an anti-anti-counter event on high school students.

The net air-time and half-fighting exhibition, which runs from September 26 to October 7, is an event held at the representative meta bus platform ‘ZEP’ in Korea. It was prepared.

ZEP is a web-based meta bus platform that can be connected to up to 50,000 people at the same time. Students can gather in the reading room map in the ZEP to achieve the amount of learning set by class, and use the cumulative net time record to compete.

If you want to participate, you can write and submit the application form by the 25th, and then build a reading room map for each class using the ‘Reading Room Template’ provided by ZEP.

ZEP selects the top 10 classes depending on the cumulative net ball time for each class, providing a hamburger set as a gift. In addition, after following the official ZEP Instagram, if you take a screenshot from the reading room map and upload it with the hashtag and account tag, you will draw 10 people and pay a Starbucks Gift icon worth 30,000 won.

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