How to get the soul of Fomon Island in Lost Ark

With everything, from the seeds of Kokomo and the leaves of the world tree to the hearts of giants and masterpieces, Lost ark -one of the most collectible MMORPG. An island soul, in particular, is a great way to help you explore many islands in a game where you can collect about 100 souls. Not all islands have souls, but the search for those that there are gives rewards, including the unique skin of the ship and several secret maps and masterpieces. So, how to get the soul of FOMO Island in Lost Ark?

Where is the lost ark of the soul of the island of FOMO?

When you first arrive at FOMO Island, you will see that several NPCs have affordable quests. Men’s characters will receive Gavin and the quest The Heart of a Man, and the female characters will receive Arianna and the quest Love consultation. Talk to them to conduct a short conversation and say that you will help them, after which you will have to run to one of the three marked corners of the island to find Lyra of love . As soon as you return it to your specific NPC, you will receive the island soul of FOMO Island.


It is worth noting that if you later return to FOMO Island with a character of the opposite sex, you can fulfill the reverse quest. This may cost it, since you will not get an additional soul of the island, the quest also rewards you generous chests of destruction and guardian stone plus magnificent chests with fragments of life , used to sharpen your equipment. When running around the island, you should also perform quests from lonely Riley and Nina. These are also simple collectible quests right on the island, and both reward you with coins, but, more importantly, charisma each.

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