New Pokemon travel episodes will arrive in Netflix

Currently, in Japan the anime of Pokémon travel is at a climax, something that unfortunately has not reached our region, so some fans have to do with the episodes of non-legal ways. However, those who are in charge of official translations continue to progress and within a few days more chapters will be launched.

Specifically, the next October 21 more episodes of the series that have Ash and Go will arrive as protagonists, this while the road to the crown championships is forged. Many users already know the outcome, but on this side of the world there is no official translation, so people will be excited to see the main character compete with the champions.

It is worth mentioning that we will also have something about the story of Go , specifically with the challenge of the project MEW , as few coaches will have the privilege of carrying out the trip to the expedition. However, things are not going to be easy, and this will lead the characters to face each other and win at the end a place within the competition.

In anime related news. It was recently confirmed that Ash has defeated one of the strongest trainers in all regions, this after having a fierce battle of Lucio against Gar chomp . If you want to know more in relation to the outcome, we invite you to click on the following link.

The chapters will reach Netflix .

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