House of the Dragon producer leaves the series

The Hollywood world is a sway, which is why the direction of some projects usually change hands in the least unexpected moments and that has happened with House of the Dragon. And it is recently reported that one of the important producers of the show has decided to leave the series before season 2 starts.

According to the specialized media, the producer Jocelyn Diaz had a year contract with the option of a second, although the sources indicate that this option did not take it. The output of Díaz occurs after it was announced that the co-showrunner Miguel Saponin would leave his role for season 2, leaving Ryan Conda as the only creator of the saga.

Faced with the exits, Conda has mentioned the challenge that will mean only with the franchise:


We had a conversation in the summer, just when the program was released. I knew it was something I was fighting with. He has nothing left to try in Westeros, I don’t think so. He has filmed all kinds of battles: good and evil, light and darkness, fantasy and not fantasy, dragon and not the dragon. Furthermore, he has said what he had to say. Furthermore, he knew that there was always the possibility that he did a season, put this standing and worsened with having a hand in the real creation of a story of Game of Thrones. Furthermore, he was persistent at the bottom of my mind, knowing how much implies doing another season of the program, would I want to get back into the horse? Furthermore, he was really discouraged. Furthermore, he has tremendous talent. And I am very proud of the work we did. But I am excited to see what he has reserved now.

Remember that House of the Dragon is now available in HBO Max .

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