Why did Daemon laughed during Laenas funeral in House of the Dragon? Answered

With the first season of the popular series of Game of Thrones almost completed, there have been a lot of turns and turns to help keep the spectators on the edge of their seats. That said, if you have come here, it is very likely that you feel curious about Why Daemon laughed during Lana’s funeral in House of the Dragon? . Do not worry, since we are going to answer that specific consultation below.

Before we start, we just want to give everyone a rapid spoiler warning in case they have not yet had the opportunity to catch up with episode 7. Still close? Well, let’s enter it!

Why Daemon laughed during Lana’s funeral

During the opening of episode 7, we witness the funeral of Lana after her brutal death in the previous chapter, where her dragon, Hagar, burned her alive. While all attendees are legitimately thoughtful and respectful, Daemon lets escape a strong laugh that obviously does not like the rest of the attendees.

Frankly, his behavior, as has been the case during much of the entire first season, is often chaotic and almost anarchic. As for why he laughs, well… that is largely a mystery, but we can try to infer why he did it.

The priest says the words: Salt runs through Valerian blood. The bear runs thick. Bear runs truth. And ours must never lose weight. It is revealing that Daemon laughs during this speech, which refers to the notion that Valerian’s lineage is true and will never be contaminated.

Of course, although Daemon and Lana were partners and were married to each other, it is fair to say that their link was largely based on political gain rather than true love. As a result, Daemon can be laughing at the idea that his love was true, which unfortunately was not.

Another reason why Daemon could have laughed at the funeral of Lane, Chandra) . Obviously, Daemon may have found the irony of this quite funny understanding, hence the laugh. **.

Hopefully, that has helped you give you a clue on Why did Daemon laugh during Lana’s funeral in House of the Dragon? . To get more information about the popular fantasy series, this is how the death pretended her and who are the green in the program. As always, feel free to read the relevant links below.

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