What are the luminous Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokémon Scarlet and Wales can have two forms of shiny Pokémon. The new trailer with footage of the gameplay is shown by Jiggly puff in an open world with a gold aura and sparks around it. These are not traditional brilliant Pokémon, these are wild Pokémon, which are about to enter their shape.

What luminous Pokémon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

It seems that wild poems in the open world will be able to take the form of the TER-type, and not just the Pokémon fighting in raid battles. If you notice Pokémon with such a gold aura as Jiggly puff, in the new trailer at 1:40, you can come up and start a battle with it. They seem to be thermal at the beginning of the battle. You will find out if Pokémon of thefts has been subjected to, according to its crystalline appearance.

Remember that each Pokémon has its own unique term type, which can completely differ from its traditional elemental type. In this case, Jiggly puff has become a water-type Pokémon, so your poisonous type attacks were no longer advantageous. With sufficient damage, wild Pokémon will return to its traditional Kandinsky uniform, and you can catch it.


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