Unpublished Xbox streaming stick is on the shelf of Phil Spencer!? Xbox official account also reacts immediately

Microsoft’s Xbox category boss, Phil Spencer, tweeted with photos on October 11, 2022, that the fallout series celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Many people have noticed that there are unfamiliar small tools at the top of the photo (the headphones in the center of the screen and on the figure of the Audience). Some people speculated that this was Xbox streaming stick .

The Xbox streaming stick is a tool that he mentioned in an interview with overseas media in October 2020, which allows you to connect to a TV and play the game through CLOUD. He also mentioned in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.


Three months before the release of Xbox Series, I attended the online conference with the unpublished xbox Series S on my bookshelf, and then tweeted at a later date on the Xbox Twitter account that no one noticed. He is the same. The speculation has expanded from such a background. However, the Xbox official account immediately responded.

In fact, this is an old prototype, and this story closed.

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