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Foodoception is a quest at the beginning of the game and, possibly, the most important for you that you must perform in Disney Dream light Valley.

Mickey Mouse will help you get acquainted with gardening as well as cooking in the game two actions that you will do a lot during your progress.

Garden care will allow you to grow new plants from seeds to use them as ingredients. The ability to cook will give you access to several dishes that you can eat or give other residents of the valley.

The next guide will give you a complete picture of Foodoception in Disney Dream light Valley.

How to get a food cent

You can start the Foodoception quest by talking from Mickey in his garden next to the square shortly after the end of the quest. Memories Mickey quest. The entire quest includes studying the recipe for crackers, planting rice and obtaining its own slab for cooking.

First, having talked with Mickey, he will give you a recipe for crackers along with three seeds of wheat. As soon as you receive them, the first thing you need to do is to plant these three seeds of wheat in your own areas.

For the next step, you need to go to your inventory, go to the book Minnie’s Race Recipe and use it to study the recipe for crackers. As soon as this is done, you need to talk to Mickey again. Then he will ask you to water the crops that you planted, which will be your next task.

After watering rice crops, you need to talk to Mickey again, and now he will instruct you to get two wheat and three apples. You can get apples from the Biome Plaza and Forgotten Earths, but to get wheat, you first need to wait until the crops grow, and collect them. Although this may seem like a random task, these ingredients will be very important later.

Further, after you received the requested items, you can spend Mickey to your home_ and talk to him for the last time. At this moment, he will give you your own plate, which you can place in any suitable place in your house using the housing menu.

As soon as you put the oven, you need to interact with it by pressing the E key next to it, and then light it, using some * stone coal *. After you have collected and used coal, preparing the plate for cooking, you need to go to the recipes menu, and then choose the recipes that Mickey gave you.

These will be recipes for crackers and fruit salad, respectively, and you can cook them one after another, using the ingredients that you collected earlier.

After you have prepared both dishes, all you need to do is let Mickey examine them. This will mean the completion of the Foodoception quest.

Quest Disney Dream light Valley Foodoception does not work

The small problem that many players face during the Foodoception quest is that the Mickey should not go home to the house after they received the necessary ingredients. There is a simple solution to this problem.

All you need to do in this case is to go to the game menu and track the progress of the Foodoception quest. This will somehow restart the instructions of Mickey and make him follow you into your house, solving the problem.

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