Free Fire: Meet the FFL finalist teams with Furious Gaming heading the table

Very intense weeks are those that have been lived along the Free Fire League that had enough movements due to the ability of each of the squads, the players gave their maximum performance to climb on each of the dates that were happening leaving clearly his power and that at any time he could reach the tip of the table with a great momentum.

The last dates were very decisive because GNIS maintained the tip of the table for several weeks but with the multipliers activated things became different, and we saw many changes until this day that was the one that gave the most radical changes for make clear who would be those who could reach the final phase of the tournament.

Furious Gaming was crowned as the leader of the table, reaching 1,090 points and a total of 354,944 damage and took eight thousand five hundred dollars as a prize. Jaguar culminated this phase in second place with 1,061 points and took five thousand dollars, and GNIS Esports ends in third place in order to close the podium of this new edition of the Free Fire League 2022 with 1,043 points and three thousand five hundred dollars. Miners Esports stays with fourth place thanks to its 1,040 points, thus closing the equipment that exceeds the thousand points and did not go empty, and it takes two thousand dollars.

On October 23, the squads will seek to reach the final phase to determine the best team in the region and to be able to Get to those instances where clashes will be with the best teams in all corners of the world.

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