[Picture diary of Yoshida Terukazu] Switch version Nier Automata Other models have been cleared.

This time, it is software for Nintendo Switch for Nintendo Switch TIER: Automata The End of Korea Edition released by Square Enix.

Near Automata, which is developed by Platinum Games, is an action RPG depicting the battle of Android 2Bs, set on the earth invaded by aliens sent by aliens.

This time, The End of Korea Edition includes not only the 3C3C1D1D1D1D11940927 additional content of other models, but also the new content 6C2P4A118680823 that contains costumes, pod skin and accessories. In addition, optimization for Nintendo Switch is being optimized, such as the operation mode that uses the controller motion control function to attack and avoid.

Actually, I have cleared the other model version! Drug On dragoon and Near Gestalt, which share this work with this work, have also been cleared! I usually didn’t buy character goods, but I was addicted to the series to buy Emir’s face cushions in Near Gestalt.

Mr. Yokouotaro, who worked on the series, wears Emir’s mask when appearing in the media, so I cherished the cushion Yoko Tarot’s head cushion . But… In the meantime, it was crushed by a cat and became peak…

If you upload a photo of such a cushion to Twitter…

It was recognized by the person!

I’m so sorry…!

What starts suddenly… Shooting mode! ?

In 5012 in the Christian era, the Earth was in danger of collapse due to the mechanical life form sent by aliens. Humanity, who fled the moon, formed an Android soldier’s unit, John, to compete with the mechanical creatures.

, the vertical shooting has begun suddenly!

Well, was this game genre action RPG ?

The direction of scrolling changes rapidly to the side. What’s going on!

…… I was surprised, but I knew that there was a shooting part because I have played other models. **

Basically, it is an action RPG that fights with 2B, but a shooting part that boards the flight unit and fights in in the air is quite a proportion.

When I play a shooting game, I get over the game with about one boss. However, the shooting part of Near Automata has been clearly cleared. There are four levels of difficulty, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard, so even those who are not good at shooting like me will manage it. **

The splendid high-speed action is super easy

After the shooting part, we moved to the action part.

The protagonist of this work is an Android called John No.2 B type, 2b.

Immediately, it is a battle with a mechanical life form.

Combine the two attacks, a speed attack and a heavy attack to connect the combo. If you avoid enemy attacks in a timely manner, just avoidance will be activated, and you can connect to the counter from there.

I am not good at pressing the button at the timing of just avoiding, and I tend to take damage after all. However, the avoidance action is quite long, so if just avoiding avoidance, it will be managed.

In addition, Difficulty EASY has an auto mode that automatically avoids or attack enemy attacks. Because you can apply auto mode for each action such as attacking and avoidance, if you are not good at avoiding, you can only avoid avoidance.

It is a wonderful assist function that you can easily feel advanced!

The other model version was cleared with HARD, and I wonder if I should play with EASY this time.

The king after the collapse of civilization is… wild animal?

The Earth, the stage of this work, is destroyed by a mechanical life form, and there are buildings that have collapsed everywhere. The remnants of human civilization, such as abandoned cars, are sad.

You can hover in addition to the two-stage jump, so you can jump from the building to the building.

Actions with high mobility are comfortable.

Mechanical creatures are wandering in the field.

It seems to be terrible because of a mechanical life form that invades the earth, but it has a lovely form with a ball on a drum.

There are various types, from small short-legs to large biped types. It is also interesting that the dress and characteristics have changed depending on the area where they appear.

In the boss battle, a very large mechanical life form also appears.

I’m going out of a great number of salmon (barrage)…!

Not only mechanical creatures, but wild animals are wandering!

If you defeat it, you can get items such as meat.

However, it is stronger than the mechanical creature that appears in the early stages, so if you put your hand out of your mind, it will be bumpy.

In addition, there are access points imitating vending machines on the field.

Here, you can check in in-game emails, save, and fast travel to other access points.

At the time of transfer, the front side of the vending machine opens and enters.

It’s exciting that these things rooted in everyday life are the entrance to the secret base or the transfer device.

I wonder if there is such a function, a real vending machine.

The difficulty was EASY, which was cleared in about 30 hours. It was so gutsy hammer to think that it was already cleared the other model version. I’ve been playing other models five years ago, so I’ve forgotten the story and worldview in various ways, so I think it was just the right time to play again.

I was surprised that even when playing in mobile mode, I did not feel the roughness of the image quality or the jerk. I was glad that the free DLC of the new additional costume was distributed, but I wanted a story content if I wanted it.

Not only those who have not played, but also those who have already cleared it may be a good idea to play this again after a long time.

Near: Automata The End of Korea Edition is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

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